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The International Journal of Ventilation  
The International Journal of Ventilation  is devoted  to the ventilation of occupied buildings and other enclosed spaces. Inaugurated in June 2002 it has rapidly become established and has attracted subscribers from major institutions, companies and universities in over 40 countries.

IJV Contents Volume 14 No 1 June 2015

Paper 1

A Comparative Study of Leakage Characteristics between an Under Floor Air Distribution System and an Over Head Air Distribution System:
Iyengar RS, Sekhar C, Karimabad AS, Haghighat F and Zhu K

Paper 2

Airtightness, Air Exchange and Energy Performance in Historic Residential Buildings with Different Structures:
Eskola L, Alev Û, Arumägi E, Jokisalo J, Donarelli A, Sirén K and Kalamees T

Paper 3 

Durable Airtightness in Single-Family Dwellings - Field Measurements and Analysis:
Chan WR, Walker IS and Sherman MH

Paper 4 

An Energy Saving Ventilation Strategy for Short-Term Occupied Rooms based on the Time-Dependent Concentration of CO2:
Rui Ning Zhuang, Xiangdong Li and Jiyuan Tu

Paper 5

Experimental and Numerical Testing of an Induction Variable Air Volume (VAV) Controller with Two Damper Blades:   
Hurnik M

Paper 6

Assessment of the Fluid Dynamic Aspects of a Vehicle Ventilation System:
Bicalho GI, Hanriot SM, Maia CB and Cabezas-Gómez L

Paper 7

Semi-Empirical Models for Buoyancy-Driven Ventilation - A Literature Study:
Andersen KT

Paper 8 Thermal Sensation of Thai Students in an Air Conditioned Space with a Pond Type Water Source and Air Velocity Step Change Sudaporn Sudprasert, Kanlaya Kasorn and Joseph Khedari

A Guide to Energy Efficient Ventilation

Published in 1996, this Guide is aimed at providing a simplified approach to ventilation with particular emphasis on its impact on air quality and energy demand. Numerical discussion is kept to a minimum but sufficient guidance and data are given to enable basic calculations. 254 Pages.   Click here for more details




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