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The International Journal of Ventilation  
The International Journal of Ventilation  is devoted  to the ventilation of occupied buildings and other enclosed spaces. Inaugurated in June 2002 it has rapidly become established and has attracted subscribers from major institutions, companies and universities in over 40 countries.

IJV Contents Volume 14 No 3 December 2015

Paper 1

Performance Testing of a Residential Motorless Air Exchanger System:
Boualem Ouazia, Rock Glazer, Franck Szadkowski and Clifford Hoyme

Paper 2

The Effect of Legionella Pneumophila Contamination in the Surface Dust of the Air Ducts of Central Air Conditioning Systems on Indoor Air Quality:
BY Zhang, F Liu and XD Chen

Paper 3 

Optimized Ventilation Control for IAQ in Partial Renovation and Non-Renovated Commercial Buildings during the Summer Period in Chongqing, South West China: 
Li Cheng, Baizhan Li, A. N. Baldwin, Yong Ding, Wei Yu and Liu Hong

Paper 4 

Experimental Performance and Numerical Simulation of a Thai Modern Façade Wall T. Ananacha, W. Puangsombut, J. Hirunlabh and J. Khedari

Paper 5:

Statistical Characteristics and Frequency Spectrum Analysis of Fan Induced Airflow Compared with Natural Winds:
Ran Gao, Wei Zhang, Ying Zhang and Angui Li

Paper 6

Particle Image Velocimetry Visualization and Measurement of Airflow Over a Wall-Mounted Radiator:
Amir Sattari

Paper 7

A Comprehensive Study on the Critical Ventilation Velocity in Tunnels with Different Geometries:
Ali Kazemipour, Hossein Afshin and Bijan Farhanieh

Paper 8 The Influence of Heat, Air Jet Cooling and Noise on Performance in Classrooms:
Alan Kabanshi, Hans Wigö, Marijke Keus van de Poll, Robert Ljung and Patrik Sörqvist

A Guide to Energy Efficient Ventilation

Published in 1996, this Guide is aimed at providing a simplified approach to ventilation with particular emphasis on its impact on air quality and energy demand. Numerical discussion is kept to a minimum but sufficient guidance and data are given to enable basic calculations. 254 Pages.   Click here for more details




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